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Out and about

Explore your local area with ease with the help of these products and processes. Enjoy getting out and about with the simple suggestions below.

How independent are you out and about?

Start by asking yourself these questions:

  • Could you do your shopping by phone or online and have it delivered to you?

  • Do you try to sit less and move often throughout the day?

  • How do you stand when loading and unloading the car with shopping? Can you stand front-on and hold items close to your chest? Do you bend your knees when lifting?

  • Do you keep your keys, wallet, and bag in the same place at home so that you always know where they are? If not, could you assign a spot by the door with a basket to keep them all together?


Avoid shopping during peak hours so you won't have to wait as long, and the shops won't be as crowded. Shop in familiar stores to reduce walking and the time it takes to find what you’re looking for. Take reusable shopping bags with long straps, as they’re easier to carry over your shoulder.


To continue doing the things you love, you must remain physically fit and flexible. Strength training improves your health and quality of life. You can find a simple at-home strengthening routine here.


Make sure you have all the items you need before going out. Instead of doing one big shop, do smaller shops more often. Switching between energy-intensive and lighter tasks can conserve energy.


Ask staff to help you lift heavy items from shelves, in and out of the trolley and into the car. Avoid awkward postures when loading and unloading the car. Store items so they’re easy to access when you need them.

Simple solutions for everyday tasks when you're out and about

Using a transfer bar

Getting out of your car seat can be difficult without something to hold onto. Try using a transfer bar on the side of your door and a swivel cushion on your seat. This will reduce the effort it takes to lift your legs out and around to stand up.  

Take helpful tools with you 

Placing a plastic shopping bag on the car seat can help you slide in and out if you find yourself stuck in the car seat. Take one with you when you travel.


Carrying shopping bags

Use your shoulders and wrists to hold bags rather than straining your finger joints.

Using a shopping trolley: A trolley provides you with stability and reduces your need to carry items to and from the car or around the shops. Some people choose to use their laundry trolley to transport items from the car to the house.

Finding the car

Take a photo of where you parked your car using your mobile. If the car park issues a ticket, write the car park letter and number on the back. It may also be helpful to park near a visual landmark, so you have a reference point for finding your car.

Keeping active

Incidental exercise is one great way to positively impact how much you move every day. Use the time you spend watching TV as exercise time. Set yourself a routine, like standing up and sitting down ten times at the start of each show. You can also try walking across the room and back or doing toe raises during ad breaks.

Reduce time spent sitting

According to research, reducing your inactivity is more effective than exercising one hour a day. You can do this by walking or standing more each day. To help build your memory fitness, follow a routine to help reduce what you need to remember each day.

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