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In the laundry

Make your daily laundry tasks easier than ever. Here are some suggestions to help you become more independent in the laundry.

How independent are you in the laundry?

Start by asking yourself these questions:

  • Do you have level access from your laundry to the outside clothesline?

  • Do you have a sturdy chair or table next to your clothesline to put your laundry basket on?

  • Do you have space in your home to safely set up a clothes airer without being in the way?

  • Do you have an apron with a large front pocket to carry and store pegs?


Reduce your workload by purchasing clothes that don’t need ironing. Keep washing powder or liquid next to the machine. Buy products in small containers to make lifting easier.


Keep your ironing board set up in an accessible place to reduce unnecessary steps. Use only a small amount of water when filling the iron to reduce the weight you’re lifting. Using the steam function or gently dampening clothes makes them easier to iron.


Remove clothing from the machine one item at a time to reduce the weight you’re lifting. Break ironing into smaller, 20- to 30-minute sessions and take breaks every 5 to 10 minutes to preserve your energy. If you can, try using a trolley to carry small loads to the clothesline. Using a clothes dryer instead of a washing line eliminates the need to hang clothes up to dry and can reduce ironing.


Place your washing basket on a chair so you don’t have to bend down repeatedly. Use a perching stool with a back for support when sitting to iron. To avoid twisting, a swivel seat makes reaching things easier. Make sure to set your ironing board at the correct height for you. Your elbow should be level with the top of the iron handle.

Simple solutions for everyday laundry tasks

Carrying laundry

You don’t have to carry heavy baskets to and from the laundry when you use a washing basket trolley. The trolley's height prevents you from having to bend over when hanging your clothes out. You can also hang clothes on an airer inside to reduce the number of steps you’re taking.

Hanging out the laundry

Adjust the clothesline to suit your height. Try using a chair or table to place the washing basket. If pegs are difficult to use, hang clothes on a hanger, or try pegs that are easy to open and have a large, non-slip grip.


Using the washing machine

Raise your front-loading washing machine to waist height or install a washer stand. If you have trouble seeing the numbers, use contrasting stick-on dots to show when the dial is on, off, or set to the correct wash program. You can also buy convenient dial turners to assist you.


Fold clothes as you remove them from the line to reduce ironing. Consider buying clothes that don’t need ironing.

Assistive products for the laundry

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